N.K BAGRODIA PUBLIC SCHOOL- Creating New Saga of Academic Excellence

Brilliant Bagrodians, continuing with their excellent academic performance, have once again achieved another milestone in AISSCE result of 2012-2013.

Students of N.K Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka with their constant and committed efforts have taken the glory of school a notch higher., with 75.4% of students achieving distinctions and 19.3% scoring 90% and above . With every passing year N.K Bagrodia Public School is scaling new heights of success with its dazzling performance in board examination .The trail blazing performance of school topper Gautam Kumar Sharma and Nupur Khandewal with marvellous score of 96.6% have left their indelible imprints in the academic history of N K Bagrodia Public School. Dhruv Sharma & Nupur Khandewal with their perfect 100 in Maths & B. St. respectively have won laurels and appreciation for their assiduous efforts.

Our school is committed to providing unique environment for holistic growth of the students. Believing in the philosophy of honing innate talent of the child and providing the opportunities to bring out the best in them. The school adheres to the highest educational standards while raising benchmarks. Bagrodian fraternity stand as a lighted candle which gives light and guidance to students to tread on their path with grace and confidence and to equip them to deal with the challenges of modern life, which will enable them to emerge out as responsible and successful citizen of country.

Our objective is not to churn out students with bookish knowledge but to make them realize the true meaning of education which kindles the light of wisdom so that they can steer clear of all darkness and reach to the world of light. The vision and commitment of the school in imparting values and competence to the students will surely make them winners in life. The school gives a unique platform for giving foundation to develop the character and expand their intellectual horizon so that they can rise head and shoulder above others and excel in the true examination called life.

Management & principal of the school have extended their heartiest wishes and blessings for the earnest and committed efforts of the students, teachers & parents. It is sincerely hoped that in the years to come Bagrodians would touch the pinnacle of glory and success and would shine like true stars on the arena of academic excellence.