Orientation program of parents held in N.K.Bagrodia Public School

“As a caterpillar comes out of its cocoon to explore the world around it and to be a beautiful butterfly…. in the same way young, innocent and adorable play schoolers leave the comfort zone of their homes to take a step forward in life and enter the world of formal education.”

N.K.Bagrodia Public School , Dwarka is a nurturing ground for the fledglings where they develop into Holistic individuals – Emotionally, Socially, Physically and Mentally. An Orientation Program was conducted on 1st April’17 where through a PPT the entire curriculum and working culture of the school was highlighted .The day began by seeking the blessings of the almighty .The parents got a glimpse of the confidence and enthusiasm of the little ones through an enthusiastic performance by the children where they prayed, danced and sang delightfully for the parents. The Principal extended a warm welcome to the parents, telling them about the school achievements , philosophy of the school and the importance of good parenting and teaching . The Headmistress spoke eloquently with her team of teachers and presented an interactive session with informative power point presentation. They enlightened the parents about the objectives and curriculum execution. It elucidated the activities that are undertaken to develop the skills and eye-hand coordination. Focus was given on our activities which are designed to develop each child’s Fine Motor Skills and encourage Sensory Development through a scientifically executed curriculum thus justifying integrated approach to learning . Parents were made aware of the structured approach to learning with a focus on family, home, culture and language where children are encouraged to explore the environment around them, through projects that integrate Art, Craft, Technology, Music and Dance. It was an opportunity for parents to understand the curriculum and activities planned for the year ahead. This meeting with the strength of 400 parents brought about a comfort level and deeper understanding of the school and each other.

An orientation was also held for the parents of Pre-Primary class on 15th April’17 where the teachers explained the smooth transition of scientifically designed curriculum at this level and the correct format of writing and learning.

The School also organized orientation programmes for Classes I onwards to guide the parents about the new examination system from this academic session. The programme started with the importance of education and values right from the beginning. Further the parents were apprised with the changed system of examination by the respective Incharges and examination Incharge. All the related queries of the parents were suitably replied to. Overall the programme helped the parents to get acquainted with the system of examination.