Rattanindia enterprises all set to set a fully owned subsidiary for UAV drone operations in India

RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd. pursuant to Board Meeting held on 22 August 2021,  is incorporating a wholly owned subsidiary to kickstart Drone business in India.This is in line with the stated business strategy of the Company to start businesses with cutting edge technologies with potential to transform the lives of billion plus Indians.

The Company had recently announced the strategic investment in US based Matternet, the world’s most extensive urban drone logistics platform with operations across many countries worldwide. In light of this strategic investment in Matternet, RattanIndia Enterprises Limited is incorporating a wholly owned subsidiary to kickstart UAV drone business operations in India.

Drone systems have wide variety of commercial and industrial applications in healthcare and e-commerce logistics, infrastructure monitoring, agriculture, weather monitoring, surveying, law and order and traffic monitoring. Drone systems will prove to be extremely transformative by providing cost effective solutions for developing countries like India, which have large urban agglomeration and ultra-high population density and lack of fundamental infrastructure.

Drone systems as means of green, clean and ultra fast mobility will be critical to government’s vision of making India energy independent by reducing spends on annual oil imports of Rs. 12.5 lac crore apart from the positive impact on the environment. These drone systems, cloud connected and operated through centralized mission control centres are highly efficient means to undertake specialized works while saving on time, fuel and manpower costs.

The Government of India realizes the immense economic potential of the drone industry and took a major step toward opening the market when it released Draft Drone Rules on 15 July 2021. The rules are intended to ensure the ease of using drones in India based on “trust, self-certification and non-intrusive monitoring.”

Salient features of these Draft Drone Rules  include Establishment of “drone corridors” for cargo deliveries. Drone promotion council to facilitate a drone-friendly regulatory regime. Removal of restrictions on drone operations of foreign-owned companies. Reduction in limits for operations from the airport perimeter and Faster and paperless approvals

Anjali Rattan, Business Chairman of RattanIndia Enterprises said “We have clear cut strategy to have businesses which leverage advanced technologies to solve India scale problems. Recently we had also made a strategic investment in US based Drones systems company, Matternet, which has by the best drones platform in the world. We are committed to provide clean, green and most advanced technology solutions to India.”