Reversal of Habits

Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

The way in which habits are formed, the same way they can be reformed, changed or totally given up. If the environment, contacts, practice and moods are changed, the habits also get changed after troubling for a few days. Many times they can be uprooted at a stroke in a single moment with firm willpower, but it happens very rarely. Ways to combat with external adversities are many, but targeting our own internal weaknesses and destroying them is achieved by only few tough-minded people. The weak-minded persons are usually trapped in the vicious cycle of going one step forward and two steps backward, unable to change their own habits, go on blaming others. But the fact remains that there is no other way out, except a judicious and firm determination for involvement in self-rewarding generous activities that benefit everybody. Those desiring to get uplifted from backwardness, and intending to live with prosperity must critically introspect their own self and get rid of undesirable habits with firm determination. The great men who create their own destiny to walk on the path of success apply these methods only.