Sandip Soparrkar celebrated “Power Women Fiesta” with lots of Fun and Dance

Abhishek Dubey

Well known shopper’s paradise Phoenix Market city is celebrating “Power Women Fiesta” this festive month of September with bigger and more desirable offers than ever! Honoring the spirit of independent women, Phoenix Market city has initiated the ‘Power Women Fiesta’ month to pamper those special women who play important roles in all walks of life! Women can enjoy a multitude of freebies along with exciting events planned specially for them during the fiesta. The spirit of the weekend was so energetic and pleasant as women got a chance to shake a leg with one and only bollywood ace choreographer Sandip Soparrkar.

As a part of ‘Power women fiesta’ celebration Phoenix market city arranged for an evening filled with loads of dances with Sandip Soparrkar and his troupe. The evening started with salsa dance performance by Sandip Soparrkar’s students. Then a dance by Bryan dance academy who put up an act of women and their powerful professions today. There was a fabulous traditional garba dance performance by Megna Kothari dance school too.

Sandip Soparrkar said, “I am glad to celebrate ‘Power Woman Fiesta’ which is especially for the powerful and independent woman of today. I am here for all the women who love to dance. Today is their day I want to make them all feel special because they are truly special.”

Dancers from pune too came and put up a beautiful theme dance on stages depicting love life of women of all ages. A group of little girls from Reshmi Sawant school stole the heart of people through her cutest performance with the message of save the girl child. The show ended with a celebratory carnival samba dance by Sandip Soparrkar’s dancers.

The workshop conducted by dance maestro Sandip Soparrkar was the highlight of the evening, it was a big hit with loads of women crowding the stage to get a close look at their favourite dancer and to dance with and around him, the celebrated choreographer taught all the enthusiastic power women some sensual salsa steps and later spend time clicking picture and selfies with them. More power to Sandip and his dance for making the power women fiesta a roaring success