Self handling !!

Dear All,
Greetings !

Each one of us in our early years learnt about Maths, Science, Languages etc . we learnt all about whatever our circumstances taught but still at times we failed to understand how to handle situations, sometimes we managed, sometimes we failed, this makes us think how good it would have been if our teachers taught us what to think and how to think, so that we could handle the situations comfortably. We at DIS understand the importance of the requirement and have started taking counseling lectures in class rooms and discussing the topic “How to Think” so as to empower the kids to do self handling.

Sharing here 3 basic aspects which we teach our kids during the lectures with suitable real life examples:

– Everyone is a “ beautiful soul” which has basic nature of a powerful, peaceful, blissful, happy and pure being.

These qualities are prevalent when we are born but as we grow we change or rather cover ourselves with whatever circumstances or people around us give. If in all situations we remind ourselves of our basic nature we would be able to remain in control irrespective of the situation around us.

– Angry people are the weak ones as the cause of anger is inability to have control over the situation. When you can’t control you tend to get agitated not because the situation is out of control but because we are unable to handle things around us which makes us feel weak and to cover the weakness we agitate.

– WHATEVER WE GIVE COMES BACK TO US MANY MANY TIMES so give what we want back and treat others the way we wish to be treated ourselves.


Rashmi Malik

Delhi International School
Sector-23, Dwarka