Seminar on Jain Science was organised

A Seminar on Jain Science was organised on 25 September 2016 at Shri Ratnatraya Digamber Jin Mandir Dwarka, Sec.10, Dwarka. A talk on Jain Way of Life- Ethics, Ecology and Environment was given by eminent scientist Dr.C.Devakumar and another talk on Scientific Aspect of Jainism was given by a well-known scientist Dr.MB Modi. 

Dr.C.Devakumar Phd. Retd. Asstt. Director General, Indian Council of Agriculture Research, Govt. of India, said that environment protection and preservation is key to Jain Way of Life. Jain Philosophy has proclaimed that all living beings are mutually beneficial to one another. The quality of life and environment has degraded badly and if not checked will deteriorate further. He told that by adopting the main principles of Jainism: on- Violence (Ahimsa), Non- Possession (Aparigrah), Non- Absolutism (Anekant), environment can be protected and preserved.

Dr. Modi introduced the subject saying “Jainism is scientific spiritualism which is traditionally known as Gyanmarga of Moksha. Thousands of years ago when science was not in existence, Jain Shramans used spiritual wisdom, logic and mathematics to understand God, Universe and Truth. They made history by discovering physics of the universe, soul, body, and postulated theories, which are similar to those found in standard textbooks on science. Lot many things, which Mahavir said, are being rediscovered today as Relativity, Quantum Physics, Quantum Biology and Gene Editing Techniques”.

Dr. Modi said that even day to day Jain activities like how to sit, how to stand, how to eat, when to fast so on and so forth, all are based on principles of science or Samyag Gyana of Jiva and Ajiva. It gives a very strong message that we are not puppets in the hands of some superpower but we can change our fate and make our own destiny. We can raise the level of our consciousness to that of God. He concluded his speech by requesting Jain community to come forward and create awareness in the world about the rich scientific inheritance of Jainism.

The Seminar was organised and coordinated by Satya Prakash Jain, Vinay Bharti, Roshan Lal Jain, V K Jain and Gaurav Jain and was attended by a large number of Dwarka residents.