Start doing your bit to smoothen the traffic in Dwarka…


1. Drive in Lane (Basic thing. To change lane – please use indicators)
2. If you have to take a right turn..PLS STICK TO THE RIGHT LANE ONLY
3. In traffic lights – Dont try to get into space not sufficient for your car. Just stand in a row. If you have a 3 lane road..just make 3 rows. No point criss crossing and parking the car crookedly
4. Drive at 50 km/per (more than sufficient – steady speed without discomfort)
5. Keep distance between the vehicles
6. Slow down when you see red light ahead (no point speeding – you can’t fly !)
7. Changing gears – Lesser the better – you save petrol (constantly changing the gear consumes lot of petrol – completely avoidable)
8. Switch off the engine if the traffic signal is more than a minute – Saves petrol – sure everyone would love to save it is getting costlier by the day.!
9. DO NOT HONK..!!!!!

Following the above is not difficult at all. Lets try and follow and make others follow as well and see if it works.