Summer vacation can be utilized for creativity

Shruti Phul

Summer vacations are undoubtedly the cheeriest time for every student. These vacations are generally started from the second week of May for two months every year. Summer Vacations are the longest break in the school year.Summer vacations starts after the one month of the new session.

Summer vacation varies, in northern India school ends on May and begins on July, while in southern India, school ends in the last week of March and begins in June. Some schools hold extra classes for the students of 10th and 12th class for preparing for their Board exams.

The reasons of the summer vacation are endless like-
* First reason is relaxation, a student gets exhausted after the end of the annual examination. They need rest to recover their energy and health.
*Second reason is to tide over the intolerable hotness of the summer month.
*Third reason is to give the chance to student to cover up his weakness in a particular subject.
*Fourth reason is to give an opportunity to them him to explore new places.

Children can do lots of things in these holidays. Don’t waste time in sleeping or by watching TV, instead of these things, spend your valuable time by doing good and creative activities like painting, art and craft, reading books etc..

Children can go to the library and explore as many as books they can. Books are man’s best friends. They give them a company at the time of happiness and as well as at times of distress.
Books are one of the main sources of knowledge. By exploring books they will able to get knowledge, can easily develop their mental ability. Children can join summer classes where they can join any activity of their choice.

They will meet lots of people and improves their communication skills. They can Travel with family and enjoy  at their native places or they can explore new places.Travelling can tells us about cultures of different people living at different places. It also breaks the boring routine of daily lives and fill our lives with new energy.

Children can enjoy summer vacations with their friends by visiting at educational places like museum, science museum, historical places etc….

It’s very important for children to take a one hour sleep in afternoon. It keeps them fresh and active.