As a part of an innovative step to solve traffic woes, the students of J M International School yet again proved their versatility by managing the traffic at the NH24, GHAZIABAD traffic signal which is considered as one of the busiest intersections in Delhi and NCR. All the students managed the rush hour traffic, warned errant drivers and bikers and also learned road safety norms along with the traffic police with zeal and enthusiasm as a part of the Bharat Positive initiative in association with Speaker of the Year and 104FM. The students also shared their experiences on air and highlighted the importance of road safety education among the common masses.

The students were accompanied by Ms. Dorris Francis, the traffic queen who has been controlling traffic havoc at this intersection for no remuneration along with SP Traffic, Ghaziabad, and Mr. S.N Singh. The initiative was highly appreciated by the pedestrians and drivers. The initiative proved that the rings of change are swiftly moving and thus the initiative indeed set a tempo to transform India into Positive India by changing the mindset of the masses towards traffic rules and road safety norms to a considerable extent.