वन्यजीव सप्ताह में आरजेएस पीबीएच प्रतिनिधि मंडल का यमुना बायोडायवर्सिटी पार्क का दौरा 

RJS PBH Delegation led by Founder, RJS Positive Broadcasting House, Uday Manna visited Yamuna Biodiversity Park on 7.10.2023 on the occasion of World Wildlife Week (2nd October, 2023 to 8th October, 2023 and organised Positive Media Dialogue.  Various aspects of conservation of biodiversity were talked with the scientist in Charge of _Yamuna Biodiversity Park_. The count of  dragon and damselflies was done in the Park involving students from colleges.  There were seen to be 21 species. There is need for raising of awareness of all, particularly our youth, about the urgency of protecting and voicing concern for the protection of remaining wilderness of flora and fauna, and even about the need for serious efforts to reforest degraded areas, and recreate with painstaking efforts habitats for birds, bitterflies, bees,amphibians and reptiles,  and use modern research and technology to preserve the diverse species saving them from heading towards extinction. In 2016, a leopard seen into YBP and after twenty days that was captured and released in Uttarakhand forest. Migratory birds will start arriving in  YBP now that it is October.

There are several species of snakes, several scores of bird species.  There are numerous interesting plant, tree, creeper and climber species in YBP. Although already enormous damage has been done by humanity to global biodiversity, so much so that scientists are apprehensive of the sixth mass extinction, yet there are apparently gleams of hope that there are scientists and nature lovers endeavouring to  conserve biodiversity as in YDP and in six other biodiversity parks in Delhi, and for that matter, elsewhere. Ms Priti Vohra, Nature Education Officer, YBP, who had welcomed RJSians in the YBP also described herbal garden, and other aspects and how the count of dragonflies,butterflies, birds and other species is done. She showed the pond containing Lily and dragon flies flitting there being an indicator of clean waters which these insects prefer. The scientist Incharge, Arravali Biodiversity Park, Dr.M.Shah Hussain, and another scientist, Mohd.Faisal, an entomologist, also answered the questions from Ashok Kumar Malik, Poet and RJS PBH Spokesperson. Dr.Fayyaz Khudsar said RJS team had just missed seeing a small Cobra, and he talked about the inter-relatedness of wildlife. RJS team returned from the visit with positive energy and hope about nature conservation. RJS PBH book Amritkal Ka Sakaratmak Bharat was presented to  YBP. They appreciated the positive efforts of RJS PBH.