Today[11.04.18] in the Times of India ,there is a news -report.It informs that the AAP Government will soon set up `Delhi Commission for Senior Citizens` to look into the welfare & safety related issues of the city`s elderly people.It further mentioned that Delhi has around 12 lakhs elderly people[60 years & above].It quotes the 2011 Census report which puts the population of elderly people at 6.8% of the total population in the capital, I personally feel,the numbers of elderly is much more than 12 lakhs,Population of Delhi since 2011 has increased by many lakhs due to many factors.

The aim of the Commission, as the report informed was to to investigate & examine all matters relating to safeguards provided for senior citizens under the Constitution & laws & ,recommend measures for their effective implementation.Well,it is a noble idea ,no doubt.But my personal feeling is sizable number of so called elderly persons ie above 60 years in Delhi are healthy, educated & experienced persons in various areas,

I live in Dwarka & it is a matter of great satisfaction to observe that, in this sub-city that there are many active groups of elderly citizens who are actively engaged to grapple with various civic issues of the city.The position could be the same in other colonies too, Therefore the aim of the proposed Commission should be not only as envisaged but also to use this `big experienced human resource in` making Delhi LIVABLE which sadly, is not at the moment.There are many reasons for the same,

It is felt therefore, that persons who are chosen to run this Commissions need to be persons of high EMOTIONAL COEFICIENTS & INTEGRITY. They need to have strong commitment & PASSION to make POSITIVE difference in the lives of the dependent & not so healthy seniors . They need to also effectively utilise the services of healthy seniors in resolving various civic issues. This requires expertise of different kinds.

Having been in the local government of Delhi,I feel chosen persons should be from EGO-LESS Breed & who do not consider their job as a GOVT job which provides position,perks & privileges.Only, then the proposed Commission will be able to achieve the avowed objectives,otherwise, I am afraid, it will be one of the many Commissions of Delhi,

Vijay K. Saluja
Giraffe Heroes India
Former Chief Engineer[civil engg]
New Delhi Municipal Council