Guess who’s Mitali’s new BFF (Best Friend Forever)??

It’s her canine buddy Brownie!

Prembabu Sharma

Mitali Nag, the studious Krishna of Afsar Bitiya is crazy about her new found friend. No, it’s not any co-actor but her canine buddy, Brownie who guards the sets and its properties after the shoot is over. She is crazy about the 4 legged animals on the sets, touted to be man’s best friend. The moment her scene is canned, she rushes to meet her canine friends, play with them and feed them home cooked dog food.

There are two dogs on the sets of Afsar Bitiya, and Mitali is very attached to both of them. One is a Labrador and the other a Dalmatian. She is so attached to them that not a single day passes wherein she does not ask their owner’s permission to adopt them and take them home. One day when Brownie, the Dalmatian, injured his paw, she summoned every possible help to call for a vet. She did not leave the sets even after her shift was over and she ensured that Brownie is treated properly and is at peace. 

  When we contacted Mitali, she said, “I love dogs. I have always had dogs as pets back home in Nagpur but since I stay away from home most of the times in Mumbai, I don’t have a full time help who can take care of my pets. Dogs share our emotions in many significant ways. I spend most of my free time playing with them. Pets often become our soul mates, our best friends, sometimes even our surrogate children. Perhaps it’s because our furry friends have long provided us with comfort, camaraderie, and unconditional love. Dogs are my unending source of kisses, cuddles, slobber, claws, and laughs. After a hard day’s work, nothing works as a better stress buster than playing with my canine buddies!”

Says a source from the sets, “It’s really delightful to see Mitali play with the dogs on the sets when her other female co-actors are petrified of those huge animals. They never go anywhere close to them. And, thanks to the dogs, Mitali enjoys her time on the sets when she is free from shooting and is never in a hurry to leave the sets.”Are the others on the set listening? Who will be next to befriend these animals?

Here’s what is happening in the show meanwhile. While Krishna is running from pillar to post preparing for her entrance exams, an alliance comes for her sister Swati. The groom’s father, Satyanarayan expresses his desire for dowry. Bihari (Krishna’s uncle) manipulates the situation and convinces Satyanarayan to reduce his demand for dowry but at cost of something else. Satyanarayan tells Saraswati (Krishna’s mother) that he will reduce his demand for dowry if they agree to get Krishna married to his elder widower son. Saraswati feels pressurized but says yes for Swati’s sake. Will Vidyapati allow Krishna’s match with an widower ?? To know more, tune into Afsar Bitiya every Monday to Friday, 7 PM only on Zee TV.

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