Gunaho ke Devta in Avdesh & Arpita’s love Story

Prembabu Sharma

Avdesh (Ashish Sharma) & Arpita’s (Tanvi Bhatia) flaming love story despite all adversity has made them one of the most loved couples on small screen. However, this week be prepared to witness the most defining and shocking moment in their lives as the drama unfolds in Gunahon Ka Devta on Imagine. Gunahon Ka Devta traces the love story between Arpita and a gangster Avdesh Singh Thakur who under the surface of his belligerence is a man with a golden heart. Set in a crime infested city of eastern UP Avdesh & Arpita’s passionate love story blossoms against a violent back drop. 
Emerging triumphant alongside all trials and tribulations just as Arpita & Avdesh’s lives were smooth-sailing destiny decides to play a foul game. Arpita is forced to accept indecent proposals from inspector Ranvijay Singh, Avdesh’s arch rival, for the well-being of her sister-in-law Shikha, who is pregnant with Ranvijay’s younger brother Tanmay’s baby. Avdesh, on discovering Arpita’s infidelity is filled with rage as he feels thoroughly cheated and betrayed by the woman he loves so dearly.
Further in an ensuing heated argument where Arpita tries to reason out her actions to an already annoyed and fuming Avdesh, she loses her balance and falls from the terrace hanging on struggling to save her life. Avdesh on the other hand, blinded by daunting rage walks away and fails to realize that Arpita has slipped off from the terrace and is hanging on, desperately awaiting help and battling for her life. Arpita eventually meets her death which marks a turning point in the show leaving the life of Avdesh irrevocably altered.
However, there is someone who is witness to this major drama. Is this a planned murder or a mere accident? Will Avdesh ever find out the reasons behind Arpita’s infidelity or will the truth like Arpita also die a silent death? Will Avdesh be able to forgive himself for suspecting Arpita’s loyalty? Will he be able to come to terms with the grief of losing the love of his life?

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