“Important Resolution by Indians at the time of 63rd Indian Independence Day”

Milap Choraria

Indian whether living in India or elsewhere, we feels very proud, because our country can claims that India is a free democratic country, although our election system can not ensure representative characters in the election results. Its results are always based on manipulations. Majority of the Population is (mis)used, merely as vote banks and when the time of justice comes their aspirations and reasonable requirements are not taken into account. As a result, Indian Economy is fully under control of the Corrupt Politicians/Bureaucrats, Exploiters, Mafia(s) and other wrong doers, as even after 62nd years of our Independence, we failed to develop a system based on good governance. The lack of such a system, allowed to aforesaid Corrupt Politicians/Bureaucrats, Exploiters, Mafia(s) and other wrong doers to remit large sum national money to Tax Hedge Fund Countries, including its father Switzerland, through various illegal ways and means including Hawala Channel.

Recently, USA suffered a serious bias and terrorism and USA found that important root of the both are also exits in the Banking Secrecy Laws running in Hedge Fund Countries particularly in Switzerland. USA using its existing laws compel to Switzerland’s Banking Giants USB to come to compromise to disclose the more than 5,000 Americans who owns a Bank Account in Switzerland with a certain amount.

India is another country where from a large some money is transferred by the Corrupt Politicians/ Bureaucrats, Exploiters, Mafia(s) and all other wrong doers, in Swiss Banking System (mis)using its Banking Secrecy Law to hide their money which they earned through various corrupt means and methods. Reportedly such amount is between $7 to 11 Billions. If this money could be retrieved from Swiss Banking System, to India, same can help India to become one of the Powerful Economy in the entire World.

Therefore, I invite every Indian committed to its integrity should join with me and affirm an Resolution that we Indian should not sit idle till we not compel to Each and Every Tax Hedge Funds Country including Switzerland to make appropriate law, which allowed to its Banking Sector to implement all the terms and conditions of the agreement held between US and USB to disclose identities of all the persons who opened accounts with USB to hide tax liabilities in its later an spirit. Although these people are very powerful in India and use all the means and methods to stop such activities, but once people decides to do something, no one can stop it.

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