Issues of Horticulture in Dwarka parks

Citizen’s Reporter

Sh M P Nim, Director (Horticulture) DDA
Dear Sir,
Primarily the Hosticulture Deparment is doing a reasonable job in Dwarka. However I wish to draw your attention towards following  issues requiring suitable action:
(1)  In most of the gardens the appropriate mechanism for recycling garden waste is still to be put in place. I understand as per rules every park must have a suitable kuchha area for making compost but this is missing. The accululated dry leafs are often put to fire as no disposal mechanism is visible. With hot days ahead many incidents of fire would be seen around parks.
(2) The purpose of such heavy pruning by DDA staff is not understaood. Not even a single leaf has been left, this seen can be viwed at many places. This looks like as if someone has murdered the plants. This not only is looking shabby but also giving public and animals a chance to crush them under feet. There is no reason to put plants under such extremely heavy pruning. This should be stopped immediately.  
(3) Some action is required to green the kuchha strip in main markets of sec 5-12. The residents have been successful in greening the some portion of same strip in Sec-4 market. Similar action is required by DDA for other places.
I request you to issue suitable instruction to staff to deal with above issues on priority.
 S K Goyal