Mai kisi Ek Role Me Bandhna Nahi Chahti : Krutika Desai

 Prem Babu Sharma

 Do Saheliyan ended rather abruptly. Disappointed?

Of course! Anyone would be disappointed about it! I was definitely a little upset when the show went off air in just three months. As an artiste, it takes a certain amount of time settling into a particular character that you play and I was just getting comfortable in the skin of Maya. I really enjoyed playing Maya as her character had a very earthy feel to it and was very different from the usual glam roles that I have been used to playing in the past.

Did you always know you were going to get this show?

To tell you the truth, Ram Milayee Jodi just happened out of nowhere. I had just finished with my last show Do Saheliyan and was planning on taking off on a long vacation with my family. But when this offer came to me, I just could not let it go. I absolutely love the way Rajita Sharma (producer/writer) has written out each and every character. Even the characters that are not central to the show, contribute immensely to the plot & have been given equal importance. Rajita has created such well-rounded characters that they are impossible to dislike. The show just has this vibrant, happy feel to it that is simply contagious!

Ram Milayee Jodi is about an oddly matched couple. Do you know of any?

Do I?!…I think the most oddly matched couple that I know of is my husband and me! Imtiaz and I are so different on so many levels. Religion, of course, has been a differentiating factor right from the very start. To add to it, we are poles apart as individuals as well. While I am a pure vegetarian, Imtiaz is a kattar non vegetarian; there are times when we are running late for something and you will find me in a frenzy since I am a complete stickler for time & a very routine oriented person. Imtiaz on the other hand is very laid back and relaxed – just chilled out. He’ll be the one to takes things lightly!

What according to you makes an odd match?

I think the definition of an “odd match” is very subjective. What might be good for someone might not work for someone else. Conventionally, some would think that people of similar backgrounds will get along well with each other. For others, complete bipolar opposites may end up working better together since each individual brings something different to the table & exchanging different perspectives on life can be very refreshing. Like in our industry, especially, you’d think that being with someone of the same profession would lead to a harmonious relationship where each partner completely understands the other but in reality, they might be at each other’s throats due to this very reason! So it really depends…

Before these two shows, you were doing a show on 9X. In hindsight, do you think it would have been better to bring the show on another channel?

Black was a show that I enjoyed immensely. Imagine horror on a daily basis! It was simply delightful working with Sunil (Agnihotri) who is a dear friend. Infact we had a lot of fun making Black since we were like one big group of friends making the show. Of course, I think that had the show been on a bigger channel like Zee TV, we would have done better, given that 9X has a much smaller viewer base.

Are you working on a show with Mr Agnihotri again?

Yes. Sunil and I go a long way back to the days of Chandrakanta. And inevitably whenever he does something, I am always associated with it in some way. He is currently working on a project for a channel & let’s see how things go.

Do you feel odd playing motherly roles?

(Laughs) Yes, when you play such a role, it does take some getting used to. So initially I did feel very odd. Imagine playing the mother to someone who is not very far from your own age!! Now however, I have gotten used to doing such roles. These days especially I see these young girls who are playing the roles of Mothers and Grandmothers barely two years after beginning their careers. Thankfully, I had a chance of atleast portraying someone of my own age for quite a while before I was offered such a role!