Lokakshema Mission of Guruji had two main objectives for the year 2007-08. (1) Reduction of global warming and (2) Removal of global terrorism. For this Guruji started in April a series of Havan (Homam), Puja, Abhishekam. Archanas including laksharchanas at various temples, shakti peethams, [laces of religious and spiritual importance like Thiruvelvikkudi, Gunaseelam, Thiruvanaikkoil, Sri Rangam, Thirumanacheri, Kumbakonam, Tanjore, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Vallanadu, Tenkasi, Sankaran Koil, Chottanikkara, Palghat, Thrissur, Aleppey, Kaladi, Guruvayur, Thiruchendur, Ujjain, Taarapeeth, kamakhya, Kolakatta, New Delhi and many other places in India and in places like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, London, USA, etc in other parts of the world. Following Sarva Parihara Dosha Nivrithi homams were performedMaha Ganapathi Homam, Mahasudarshana HomamDhanvanthri Homam, Sri Sukhta Homam, Maha Mrityunjaya Homam, Chandi Homam, Durga Homam, Shiva Shakti Homam, Navagraha Homam, Raja Matangi Homam, Kala bhairava, Swarnakarshana Bhairava homam, Santhana Gopala Hoamam, Purusha Suktha Homam, etc.laksharchanas to Lord Maha Vishnu, Goddess lalithambika and Lord Shiva were performed at various places in India and abroad459 Abhishekams each to Lord Shiva, navagrahas alongwith 459 Archanas each for all the navagrahas and additional 458 archanas each to Shani and Mangal(Chevvai/Mars) Graha were also performed at various temples as per the directions of Guruji for suppression and removal of terrorism from this world culminating with 21 day special havan at Kamakhya Shakti peeth at Kamakhya near Guwahati, Assam and one homam at Tarapeeth near Kolkatta (about 330 kms from Kolkatta) and the final thanks giving function was held in Agasthyar Parashakti Peetham at thirukkutralam on 8th and 9th of April 2008 after successfully conducting Laksharchana to Lord Shiva on 6th April 2008.The initial Results spiritually indicate that the Global warming has been reduced by more than 9 per cent and the Ozone hole has completely been sealed.The terrorism would gradually come to end and would be completely removed after a span of 924 days from 26th March 2008. Though certain things not be visible to naked eye, we request people from scientific fraternity to confirm the facts indicated by the spiritual and cosmic forces.
During this period vastras (Sarees/dhotis,etc) were distributed tomore than 1000 Kanya(young girl children),Ladies, gents as a part of our charitable activities of the Trust and countless Annadhanams (poor feeding) were also organised at various temples and public places. Books, notebooks and stationeries were distributed to around 1000 children of poor families in Delhi. The registration formalities of the trust was completed and the trust received its registration and exemption certificate under section 80 G for donations to the trust, from the Income Tax Authorities. The news letter Vishwa Kalayan was launched in November and The free matrimonial- horoscope exchange services was started in Tirunelveli at the residence of Shri MR Rajamani and in Mayur Vihar with the cooperation of Mrs Meenakshi Shankaranarayanan and have helped many families in finding suitable matches for their children. Recently the Tuticorin branch of the Trust has been formed under the able leadership of Shri S. Krishnan MD, Shankar Shipping P Ltd, we have recieved assurances and enquiries from other cities and places the details would be informed to you all very soon. We feel that all this would not have been possible without your valuable support and cooperation. We seek your continued support and best wishes for achieving our mission of removal human sufferings through our trust activities. Om Parashakti namo namaha– Sarvesham swasthir bjavathu, sarvesham mangalam bajavathu, sarvesham poornam bhavathu sarvesham shantir bhavathu

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“Lokakshema International Mission Trust”
Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services
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