Nearly 50% of cases of diabetes can be controlled adequately for healthy life, Exercise and diet management alone.-Diabetes Experts

The incidence of Diabetes in our country has more than doubled in last 30 years. It is rising faster in our country than anywhere else in the world, but it is one of the most prevalent diseases It was once prevalent only among adults, but is now found commonly in younger generation and children, threatening India to be the ‘Diabetes Capital’ of the world.

“The diabetes epidemic continues to worsen, with ever rising cost in its treatment, Increasing morbidity and inevitable mortality. With its ever increasing incidence, morbidity and mortality, it’s apparent that there has not been any significant improvement in care of diabetics in spite of various advances in medical science in the past four decades. Modern medicine, as it stands today, cannot by itself curb the havoc being caused by diabetes.” Said Dr Pramod Tripathi, Founder, Pune based Freedom From Diabetes (FFD) while speaking at a interactive session on’ Reversal of Diabetes- a myth or reality’.

“Even a good control of blood sugar with oral drugs and/or insulin may not be of great help in long term, It is well known that fresh or old diabetes responds the best when it is managed conservatively without use of  drugs. Best solution is with sincere life style corrections and conservative management at primary level of health care to continue to enjoy positive health & total wellness for all their life.: said Dr Tripathi .

“Diabetes  control can be further improved significantly by disciplined life style including healthy diurnal rhythm, regular exercise & yoga, adequate sleep & relaxation, nutritional support, weight management, and cessation of tobacco & alcohol. The long-term results of treatment of diabetes with drugs are disappointing as most patients are not able to control blood sugar levels adequately by medication.” Said Dr Tripathi.

“In the long run, this strategy only can enable to curb the ever growing epidemic of diabetes and other life style diseases in the country. It shall, further, relieve pressure on expensive secondary as well as tertiary care services in the country and prove to be highly cost-beneficial.” Said Dr Sandeep Aggarwal, Bariatric  Surgeon, AIIMS

“Management of diabetes and related diseases by monitoring disciplined life-style, timely sleep, adequate relaxation, stress relief,  regular aerobic exercise, daily yoga comprising pranayama-meditation-asanas, etc., optimum nutritious diet, minimal intake of salt & sugar, weight control, cessation of tobacco and control of alcohol intake definitely minimises dependence on medication “ felt Dr S.V.Madhu Prof at Endocrinology at UCMS.

Others who spoke included Dr Raja Ram Mahto , All India Institute  Ayurveda . The discussion was chaired by Dr Ashwani Kumar .