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The Gita says: Peace is the goal of Success. Knowledge is the path to Success.  But Knowledge is attained when you have three virtues:

  • Shraddha in self and your Teacher
  • Passion and Inquisitiveness
  • Self-Control over all distractions

Om, Sahana Bhavatu, Sahanou Bhunaktu, Saha Veeryam Karava Vahaiy, Tejaswinam Vadheetamastu Ma Vidhvishavahai; Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

May the Lord indeed protect both of us; May He indeed nourish both of us; May we together acquire the capacity to study and understand; May our study be successful; May we always agree with each other; Peace, peace, peace.

College apparently implies the end of education. However in reality, it is the beginning. Till now you have been learning the theories. Now you have to perform the practicals of Life.

Life Skills which should have been a part of your education are seeded in just one question: ‘Why are you doing what you are doing?’

No one educated you about your Nation, her ancient wisdom and scriptures. No one told you why you studied History. The answer to ‘Why’ helps you handle uncertainties.

Former Principal of Loyola and St Vincent’s, Rev. Fr Schoch, SJ had said decades ago, “The crime that the government commits is that they give a very low salary to teachers. In advanced countries, teachers enjoy an honoured place in society and earn a good salary. In the land of the ‘Guru‘, teachers are neglected. A nation that believes in its future should believe in education”. 

NASA researcher Rick Briggs, in 1985 published “Knowledge Representation in Sanskrit & AI”. Vedas and Upanishads have several scientific principles and concepts, especially in Astronomy and Mathematics. Sanskrit is being taught in German, US and Australian universities, where research on our Scriptures is being conducted to unravel the mysteries in Science.
Anup Attavar
Connecting Indians