Rati Pandey’s Band Baaja Baraat Moment!

Prembabu Sharma

Rati Pandey, vibrant and vivacious as she is off-screen, is currently required to play the part of a cold, serious, dominating young woman in Zee TV’s latest primetime show “Hitler Didi”. Proficient as an actor, Rati has been successful (for the most part!) in shrugging off her natural lively demeanor, her playful body language and donning a more stoic air about her. Much to the delight of her director Mohit Jha, Rati is amongst the switch-on switch-off actresses who can seamlessly slip into the skin of her character and most of her shots were being okayed in the very first take during the shoot schedule in Delhi.

However, on a day when they were shooting a shaadi sequence at Chandni Chowk, nothing and no one could stop Rati from breaking into a jig to the sound of the Band Baaja. Standing amidst a hundred Baraatis swaying to the catchy beats of the band, Rati could hardly carry on the pretence of being all grim and grumpy and joined her favorite co-star Smita Singh, who plays Sunaina Bhabhi, for a zesty romp on the street.

While director Mohit Jha was a little irritated at the wastage of time, when he observed Rati and Smita letting their hair down and having a ball, was tempted to join them himself. Slowly, the entire cast of the show came together and danced before resuming the shoot.

With the infectious magic of the Band, Baaja n baaraatis in Delhi, you can’t blame Rati and her co-stars for wanting to shake a leg and have some fun!

‘Hitler Didi’ premieres on Zee TV at 8 PM, starting Monday, 7th November.