Revolt Motors launches New RV400 in Eclipse Red Colour

Revolt Motors India’s largest electric motorcycle company, proudly announces the launch of RV400 in a captivating new colour – Eclipse Red. RV400 in the new Eclipse Red colour resonates a potent spirit in deep red colour and exudes an unmatched depth in its glossy glaze. This addition to the RV400 lineup is a testament to Revolt’s commitment to innovation and style.

The Eclipse Red is poised to transform the streets, igniting a fervent enthusiasm among riders. The deeper, glossier red finish elevates the RV400, adding a touch of opulence and sophistication to its already impressive aesthetics. The premium allure of Eclipse Red is not just about a colour; it is a statement, a proclamation of dynamism and zeal on the roads.

“Our vision has always been to merge innovation with elegance, and the Eclipse Red encapsulates this philosophy perfectly,” remarked Mrs. Anjali Rattan, Business Chairperson of RattanIndia Enterprises Limited, the parent company of Revolt Motors. “We are thrilled to introduce Eclipse Red as the newest addition to the Revolt RV400 range, providing riders with an opportunity to showcase their passion for adventure and power.”

The Revolt RV400 in Eclipse Red is not just a colour; it is a testament to the RV400’s indomitable spirit. Reflecting energy, courage, and an insatiable thirst for adventure, this hue defines the RV400 riding experience. Customers eager to own this emblem of passion and power can book the new RV400 in Eclipse Red by visiting the official website of Revolt Motors at or by visiting the nearest authorized dealership.

Revolt Intellicorp

Revolt Intellicorp, founded in 2017, is leading the charge in India’s electric vehicle landscape. With a mission to democratize clean commutes using futuristic mobility solutions, we have introduced India’s first AI-enabled motorcycle, seamlessly combining innovation with performance and aesthetics. With a strong focus on innovative technology, Revolt Motors is redefining the way we think about two-wheel transportation.

Beyond motorcycles, Revolt Intellicorp provides a full range of genuine parts and accessories through its authorized dealerships, ensuring a comprehensive electric riding experience. Join us in reshaping the future of smart, sustainable mobility.

RattanIndia Enterprises Limited

RattanIndia Enterprises Limited is a public-listed company and serves as the growth engine of the RattanIndia Group dedicated to pioneering new-age businesses. With a focus on innovative technologies, RattanIndia Enterprises is driving the transformation of various industries, including Electric Mobility (Revolt Motors), E-commerce (Cocoblu Retail), Fashion brands (Neo Brands), Fintech (WeFin), and Drones (Neosky), with the goal of positively impacting the lives of millions of Indians.

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