Road Accidents – Prevention, Attention and Compensation

Arun Mohan
Senior Advocate

About the forthcoming work

The project is dedicated to the cause of justice delivery to the masses in the country.

Delivery of timely and affordable justice is essential for economic growth and social welfare. The citizens’ right to social goods & services, and opportunities, to become a reality, needs efficient and timely justice delivery. Similarly, without an efficient justice system, economic growth cannot come about.

Targeted at a wide range of audience, ranging from the common man to the jurist, the project endeavours to find ways and means to prevent the inefficiencies, as also the delays, that have become part of our system.

Preventing Road Accident Deaths

Research work titled “Road Accidents – Prevention, Attention and Compensation” was released on 8.12.2014 by Justice T.S. Thakur, Judge, Supreme Court of India in the presence of Justice Dalveer Bhandari, Judge, International Court of Justice.

We have 1,40,000 fatal accidents every year and 5,00,000 injures. For every million passenger kilometers travelled or vehicles owned, we in India have 10 (TEN) times more fatalities than in developed countries.

Prepared after a ground level survey by a Senior Advocate, it goes into a wide range of topics relating to Road Safety. The author has shown the way how such and better levels of safety minimize accidents.

Topic 6 deals with Accidents and injury – some fundamentals and espouses, in connection with road safety, the philosophy of prevention being better than cure. Topic 9 goes on to point out the importance of attending to the injured in the most critical Golden Hour wherein lives are saved or lost.

Auto rickshaw Ambulance
It also puts forward a design invented by the author of a kit costing Rs,8,000 for converting a typical auto rickshaw into a makeshift ambulance, for timely availability and transportation to a trauma center. The convertible auto rickshaw with its kit, which was displayed at the entrance, will run at best for half an hour as auto rickshaw ambulance, while for the remaining 23½ hours, it can ferry regular passengers.

It is something unique, in fact marvelous, that can help save thousands of lives till we have sufficient ambulances.

Topic 12 has suggested a new form of Mediation for compensation cases. A traffic court system with emphasis on automation and computerization has been put forward in Topic 18.

Some steps have also been proposed that we can take, in fact we ought to take, in the immediate future because a complete reform will take time. In the meantime, we cannot allow accidents and deaths to mount. Details of the work can be accessed at

The 727 page book was marked ‘Not for Sale’ and given free to each of the several hundred attendees.

The author Dr. Arun Mohan, Sr. Advocate has been on a mission to serve the society and for that reason, he had carried out this ground level research and come up with solutions.

About the Author

The author is a Senior Advocate of long standing, who started as a trainee in 1968 and enrolled as a lawyer in 1970. In 1982, at the young age of thirty-three, he was designated ‘Senior Advocate’.

He has practised in a wide field of litigation, including subjects like partition, succession, specific performance, real estate and property development.

He continued to have a busy practice till 1998, when he shifted his focus to research on finding out the ‘why’ of court delays and conceiving ways on how to ensure justice delivery to the masses at minimal cost and in minimal time. 1999 onwards, he has devoted most of his time and energy, and even resources, to it.