Saumya of Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga is the modern day Ram – Aamir Ali

Prembabu Sharma

Rajshri’s Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga on Sahara One begins with a new storyline as actor Aamir Ali makes an entry in the show as the male protagonist opposite Angana. Aamir who has been part of shows like ‘FIR’ ‘Bhaskar Bharti’ and ‘Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki’ says that television rating points (TRP’s) don’t affect him at all. According to him an actor should do a good job. TRPs are for the channel to see. For an actor what matters is creative satisfaction and good acting that ultimately will entertain the viewers. He further states that a shows success lies in its strong storyline and narration and not because of an actor. Here are few excerpts from our conversation with this versatile actor.

When asked about the new storyline of Jhilmil…he elaborates on how the current story leads in to the new story. Angana’s husband Akash breathes his last and while dying, he takes a promise that Angana will remain a Suhagaan. Even after 13 days in to Akash’s death, Angana has still not accepted the truth. On the day of teravi, Soumya and his father Vimalchand come to Raichand house to attend the teravi…During the teravi Soumya’s son Milan gets lost in the haveli…Angana finds him accidentally and it’s the kid who is responsible to bring her to her senses. A bond develops between Angana and the kid. Life takes a sweet turn when Angana and Saumya getto meet each other.

When quizzed on his character of Saumya once again in Jhilmil…earlier he had played Saumya in Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki…Aamir gets nostalgic, Saumya is a character that nobody can forget. And the character I play in Jhilmil is actually an extension of Saumya of Woh Rehne Waali. This guy is a typical example of how the then Saumya will react to situations four years later.

On character difference of Saumya of Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga and Soumya Of Woh Rehne Waali… Aamir states Saumya is the ‘adarshwadi’ son, brother and husband. The only difference that the then Saumya and this new Saumya seem to have is in the way of dressing. While the protagonist of Woh Rehne Waali used to be seen in casual dresses, this guy is well suited and booted. But then am an instinctive actor and I would think of giving my own inputs to the character as and when the situation and story line demands.

On associating with Sahara One and Rajshri for the second time…Aamir states, Till date, my best shows have been with Sahara One and SAB TV. I am an actor, and my work is to do my best. I do not worry about TRPs. As forJhilmil Sitaaraon Ka, I am very much impressed with the story line that Soorajji narrated to me. The characters are so very well-etched that people will fall in love with them. I already miss working with Kavita Barjatya (she has taken a break from television as of now) and it is Soorajji who is creatively involved these days. I am looking forward to my next big association with them.

On fitness and diet …Aamir says I am a fitness freak from the age of 17 and very much in to sports. Whenever I get time I don’t miss an opportunity playing games like cricket and football. I am also particular about what I eat. It is said that actors should avoid eating sweet and oily stuff as they tend to contribute in gaining weight. But I think it’s the regular workout that is necessary to cut flab and not stopping what you desire to eat.

His position in the race to stardom amongst many other actors, Aamir says its best left for the viewers to decide. Talking good about oneself isn’t right. I just believe in giving my best as an actor and leave it to the viewers to judge myself.