Unsung Heroes of Dwarka/Delhi/India

Dear Readers of Dwarka Parichay,

As some of you,must have observed, Dwarka Parichay has been inviting all of you through its appeal in its Digital- Paper, to send nominations of Unsung Heroes of Society who you think are doing Brave & Heroic jobs,to make our Environment, Society, System, Governance etc etc,Better. They are not bothered about their personal safety/other possible dangers,when they carry out these so called `missions`. Only,passion drive them to do these tasks.

We, at Giraffe Heroes India an affiliate of Giraffe Heroes Project of USA are looking for these society-heroes to commend them as Giraffe Heroes & then tell their stories to the world,so that other people who learn about their deeds, emulate them,do similar things to make BETTER WORLD/SOCIETY.

Criteria for Giraffedom & format of Nomination Form are available at our website

Please send the filled up forms to

info@dwarkaparichay.com or saluvk@gmail.com

Dwarka Parichay are Media-Associates of Giraffe Heroes India Programme

Looking forward to receiving nominations from you.

The eminent Jury will then decided on the nominees to be commended.

With Best Wishes for Better Dwarka/Delhi/India

Vijay K. Saluja
Giraffe Heroes India