Film Review of LIBRARY by Poonam Matia

‘Akshar’ is ‘Brahma’ and ‘Books’ are the holy places where this ‘God’ resides.
Books have always been quoted as ‘windows to the world’. In the past few decades ‘Google Baba’ has been trying to replace books as far as ‘jet speed’ younger generation is concerned.

There is no denying the fact that the technology and the pace of its innovation certainly asks us to move our fingers or ‘mouse in’ the information on Internet. It’s like taking a dip in the vast ocean and catching a fish to be served as ‘hot meal’ or seeking pearls to adorn our neck or Crown. But, the books have had created such a niche in our lives which is irreplaceable. Additionally, this treasure is not hidden but very well showcased in temples called LIBRARIES.

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The short movie ‘Library’ is a great attempt by the Producer, Writer and Director Sh. S. S. Dogra in the direction of reviving the concept of using Libraries.

In today’s world also, if we can just scan the ‘Biopics’ of successful people instead of being envy of their success , we surely, would find the ‘habit of constant reading’. Their closets would showcase best literature of philosophy, human-psyche, management (be it time or otherwise), motivational anecdotes besides the literature of their respective fields.

Libraries are referred to as temples not for the namesake. There are valid signs easily noticeable in the film-‘Library’ . The notice on the wall clearly read by the librarian-‘no smoking, no cell-phones, no loud music and no high-heeled sandles or shoes making noise’. Don’t we take care of these while entering any holy place? In fact, all these are a must requisite to the calm, quiet and serene environment conducive to reading, meditation or worship.

Be it media or any other field, libraries hold the keys to success. It’s we, who have to take a step forward and develop the habit of reading rather than ‘copy-cut-paste’ practice. Holding the books and reading at leisure can never be replaced by active searching of ‘net’.
A well organized library as of Russian Culture Centre, shown in the said film is nothing less than an al-time favourite friend having solution to any problem.

Laurels are due to the film makers and actors’ team to think and move in the direction of imbibing the library-culture which has been seen losing grounds. I would certainly like to congratulate Dogra ji for beautifully promoting his latest book –‘Media can do wonders in students’ lives’
And last but not the least, let us all make friends with the books and applaud the concept of ‘library’ and its role in success as encapsulated in this very short film.

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