We must prove ourselves to be excellent

Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

Writers, artists, religious leaders, scientists as well as politicians, too, are feeling the need of our era and direction. Now they are sure that it is better to go with the flow.They have started understanding the inspiration of destiny and God’s will. Accordingly they can be changed with time easily.Everyone will get its clear picture within a few days.

But one can’t say this about the rich because neither are they able to understand the time nor are they ready to change with it.They are so caught up in trying to collect as much as they can, be as extravagant as they can be and satisfying their arrogance as much as they can that their return seems difficult.No rich person is ready to become poor.They can donate some money only to self-publicize to buy comfort in the other world on name of doing good for others. One can’t hope for more from them.Today, no one is ready to profit from ability to earn for anything else except to satisfy one’s senses as Bhamashah, Ashok, Mandhata, Vajshrava, Janak, Bharat and Harishchandra had done.Limits of earning, justice and rightness have been broken.Everyone is busy trying to earn as much as one can without caring for right or wrong.Someone is ahead or back because of difference of skill. This is what happens in horse race but all horses are running in the same direction.Their consciousness has become so mature that preaching falls on deaf ears.It does not have any effect.It seems that this creation must be sent to furnace to be melted again.Enough softness will be generated there to help remodel.Gandhi’s trusteeship, Vinoba’s land donation, wealth donation, Saints’ renunciation arenothing more than texts of philosophy today.There doesn’t seem to be any possibility of bringing it in behaviour.As a result one can only see misfortune in its luck.France’s Louis, Czars of Russia, India’s Kings as well as wealthy people from Russia and China, all of them were destroyed by just one stroke of luck. Had someone seen and understood that then the wealth would have been used for public welfare and to end the poverty. Had people shared everything then the world would have been a much more peaceful and wealthier place.Though there can be good people in a bad world but are they enough?

Time will establish socialism in the field of economics.Though it is a different matter as to where this process is slow and where it happens quickly. But this is what will happen.Now, the form of kings and emperors will adorn the museums.It will be read curiously in the pages of history.Similarly, some time later wealthy people, too, will no longer exist. Things that are not useful and required at a time are thrown in trash and junk.Wealth, too, is going to meet the same end in future.

We’ve spoken about the world of future.Today, one of the things that we need to change the time is – Wealth.It, too, is important just like education.It takes a thorn to take another out, sword to fight a sword.On the wealth front, too, we’ll have to fight.The yagna of knowledge and increase of fighting spirits for change, too, requires resources.If wealthy people wanted to do so then it could have done so easily. But it is like a dying patient and one must not hope for it to improve or change and we will have to join hands just like the blood collection of Rishis for the birth of Seeta and pass another exam.