WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA : A Story of Gangland Democracy

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A Story of Gangland Democracy
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A Gandhi is killed, a Bose is forgotten and a Bhagat Singh no more pricks the conscience of the people who lead the country. This is the story of a nation that boasts of being the largest democracy. The novel undertakes tortuous journeys through the political minefield and discovers that moneybags muscle power and criminal fringes have hijacked Indian democracy.
Satya Sarthi is a psephologicst and wants to bring about a change in the system. He tries to catapult his simple but sharp businessman friend Dharmi into the top corridors of politics. His aim is to dethrone the ruling family which is corrupt and manipulative. Dharmi’s hesitant metamorphosis from a businessman into a naïve politician and finally into a pucca politician is full of pathos. Does he succeed in dethroning the family? Does he end up changing the system? Maloy Krishna Dhar captures the intrigues that are played in power politics in the name of We the People.
We the people of India – The Story of Gangland Democracy is a reminder to Generations Next that they have to fulfill unfulfilled dreams of the savants of the nation.
Disclaimer: this book is a piece of political fiction and does not relate to any factual event and/or incidents. The author has visualized a tale that he wishes to share with the readers. Names of the characters are purely a work of fiction and do not relate to anybody living or dead.
MALOY KRISHNA DHAR is a product of Calcutta University. After joining the Indian Police Service in 1964, he was seconded to the Intelligence Bureau, a platform that offered him in depth perceptions and insight into Indian politics, insurgency counter-terrorism, counterintelligence and other ground realities of the nation. After retirement he took to freelance journalism and authored many literary works. Some of the best sellers are Open Secrets – India’s Intelligence Unveiled, Fulcrum of Evil – ISI, CIA. Al Qaeda Nexus, Operation Triple X and Black Thunder. A widely acclaimed author, Maloy writes about happening history in and around India, besides wider strategic issues. We the People of India is his fresh journey into the happening history of the country, which bares the uncouth truth behind India’s electoral democracy and offers a glimpse into the future that could put the country back on the rails laid down by the founding fathers.