Dear Friends,

From a jacket of old gunny bag to a woolen and from a stack of dry grass to a blanket, things are changing… In a huge country like India, the impact is often lost in the volumes, but a little change is visible!!

Started with 67 clothes, GOONJ is now turning into a movement. With the trust & efforts of thousands of well wishers & friends, now we deal with over 80 to 100 tones of material every month.

Not only do we see a sustained culture and process of contribution but thousands of people are also joining as volunteers on the clothing issue, which was never even considered a subject.

As winters come to an end you must be busy packing your woolens. Just to reiterate our appeal: Please Don’t Pack Your Unwanted Clothes.This is the best time to reach it to us so that next winters we can reach it to people well on time. Please remember that by the time woolens are discarded in places like Delhi, half the winters are over in many states where it sets in much earlier.

Our sincere thanks to 100 people who have joined Team 2000 so far, the first ever effort by GOONJ to create a pool to sustain our growth. Here is a simple form- Do join it!! We wanted to make it happen by March 31st, way behind the target but I’m sure it will be a reality soon!!

Anshu Gupta ( Ashoka Fellow)
Founder Director