DWARKA FORUM Meeting was held with Shri S. K. Meena, Deputy Director (Horticulture), Delhi Development Authority on 20th July, 2022 at his office in Central Nursery, Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi.

The Assistant Director and Section Officers of Horticulture Department, DDA were also present in the meeting.

Dwarka Forum (DF) handed over a letter to Deputy Director (Horticulture), DDA on various issues of Dwarka Sub-City pertaining to Horticulture Department of Delhi Development Authority. And discussed several issues ranging from development and maintenance of parks and water bodies under Delhi Development Authority, said A. S. Chhatwal, General Secretary, Dwarka Forum.

The Governing Body shared the feedback received from various residents, particularly regarding traffic signals and street light poles covered with branches of trees etc.

DF emphasised on the need of time bound programme for regular pruning of branches of trees, with priority to those, covering the traffic signals and street light poles, as well as timely removal of horticulture waste from the sites after pruning.

Dwarka Forum requested for proper numbering of all roadside trees of Dwarka Sub City.

The Deputy Director (Horticulture), informed that the pruning of branches of road side trees particularly those covering traffic signals has already been commenced by DDA. The pruning of branches of such trees that covered street light poles will be commenced soon. Shri Meena also briefed us about the on going plantation in the central verge of Master Plan and other roads.

Dwarka Forum brought to their notice regarding cables/ wires of various private cable operators/ internet companies tied on road side trees.

Governing Body members requested for development and maintenance of Central verge of Master Plan and other Roads i.e. Road Nos 221, 224 and 226 etc.

Shri Meena also briefed us about the on going plantation being carried out in the central verge of Master Plan and other roads of Dwarka, New Delhi.

According to Shri P. Menon, Treasurer, Dwarka Forum, it was also decided that Dwarka Forum with Horticulture Department of DDA, will organise tree plantation programmes in the monsoon session.

It was also brought to the notice of DDA officials regarding dried trees exists on some portion of few roads that caused traffic hindrance.

The meeting was conducted in a very good atmosphere. The Deputy Director (Horticulture), DDA and other concerned officials attended the meeting, took a note of all the points that emanated during discussions.

The Deputy Director (Horticulture), DDA assured to take all possible steps on the issues discussed, in a time bound manner. The meeting was attended by Shri A. S. Chhatwal – General Secretary, Shri P. Menon – Treasurer with Executive Members : Ms Indu Garg, Shri H M Singh and Shri Kaushal Khanna on behalf of Dwarka Forum.