Elena Shev the new blue eyed beauty romances Randeep Hooda in “Bad” movie

Nilofer Ansari

Pooja Bhatt is known to be genius producer and headlines grabber in Bollywood. She brought bombshell Sunny Leone in India and made Jism 2 great success. And now Pooja Bhatt movie “Bad”, directed by Prawal Raman, has already captured headlines in India and abroad. The new blue eyed beauty of Bollywood – Elena Shev is happy to be shooting with “Bad” team. She will play the beauty with brains, who will charm Randeep Hooda by her hot looks and seduce him with her sharp brain.

Elena said, “Randeep is extremely charming and pleasant. He is definitely very hot and good looking guy. Moreover, he is also fantastic actor, whose performance is highly appreciated. Well, basically he is great package deal good looks and fantastic talent. Pooja Bhatt and the entire team of “Bad” were so nice and made sure that I felt like home during shooting. It is a great pleasure working here.”