Dr. H. D. Goyal

Director- APSERI
Retired from Indian Economic Service

National Consultant, FAO, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun
Economic Adviser, GOI, Ministry of finance, New Delhi
UNDP Adviser, Government of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar
Joint Adviser (PAM), Planning Commission, New Delhi
Professor of Economics LBS National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie

FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION Right to Information Centre DWARKA A Voluntary Venture – Right to Information Centre, Dwarka against the red-tapism of the Government started functioning on August 16, 2006 .Initiative for this venture was taken by Dr. Hari Dev Goyal, Indian Economic Service Officer (Retired), Major Mohan Kumar Tyagi (Retired) and Other Retired Senior Officers of the Government of India. Residents of Dwarka and neighbouring colonies are welcome to make an application under Right to Information Act, 2005 through this Centre for any work pending with Government Departments. The applicant will get a response within 35 days. Dr. Goyal is a Development Economist. His areas of interest are (1) Rural Poverty Eradication and related Social Development Issues Analysis including Corruption. During the last 12 years, he conducted a number of field studies and prepared a large number of Papers, some of which were presented in International Conferences: • ‘Social Mobilization of Rural Poverty Eradication through Self-Help Groups’ at sixth CIVICUS Worlds Assembly Conference in Glasgow ( Scotland ) , June 2006 • ‘The Role of Volunteering in Building Stronger Communities’ Second ISTR Conference at Osaka ( Japan ), October 2001 • ‘Economist’s Experience is Disappointing’ at 4th CIVICUS Worlds Assembly Conference in Vancouver ( Canada ), August, 2001 • ‘Education and Empowerment of Women in Democratic Mongolia ‘ at First International Symposium by AAUW Educational Foundation, Washington , DC ( USA ), November, 2000 • ‘Civil Society and Delivery of Social Services in Mongolia ‘ at Inaugural Asian Third Sector Research Conference in Bangkok ( Thailand ), November 1999. • ‘Impact assessment Research Study of Rural development Programmes in Chhapra District (Bihar)’ at Seminar in New Delhi , October 1999. • ‘A Development Perspective on Mongolia ‘ study published in Asian Survey of California University , Berkley , CA ( USA ), July/August, 1999 • ‘ Cyprus : An Arrested Growth in a Developing Country’ at International Seminar in Jawaharlal Nehru University , New Delhi , 1995 For any enquiry or assistance, please contact:
Dr. H. D. Goyal, Director
Phone: 2508 2239 (M) 9312881883
E-mail: DwarkaParichay news & information services)