Girls in Punjab & North India opting for professional make up artist courses

Makeup now has become a NECESSITY for all occasions including marriage, party and even going out for both men and women .

With time, makeup has evolved to become a career chosen by hundreds of girls across Punjab and other Northern states. With beauty and make business mostly going online and demand for home services increasing, the physical and online courses for makeup artistry have come up. Not only are there makeup artists that work for TV, theatre but there are bloggers that run their own channels on online platforms like YouTube.

Makeup artists are not only trained to change the way the character looks of a person  but also to enhance the characterization.   

Big brands like Nehazz run their own training institutes for makeup artists. Also, they have a bond that directs after completion of the course, the trainee will have to join the company and work with them.

Punjab based Nehazz Makeup Studio is a brand which is standing strong since 25 years in the industry of Makeup. The brand started by Mrs.Neha in a small area of around 100 m sq. has now 10 Branches at Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Jagraon, Moga, Phagwara, Amritsar, Patiala and Hoshiarpur. Nehazz with over 5.68 Lakh followers on social media platform Instagram, has been the first choice of every bride and a dream come true for all the makeup aspirants. 

Nehazz Studio & Academy is very well known for  their transformations on problematic skins. After conducting MASTERCLASS most cities of the country at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hisar, Agra, Lucknow, 

Nehazz is finally coming up with a MASTERCLASS at Ludhiana where Mrs.Neha (Chairperson of Nehazz Chain) is gonna be teaching makeup on VITILIGO SKIN. Nehazz is amongst the very few artists in India who showcase their skills on not only professional models with good skin but on Real Skins with real problems. This Masterclass at Ludhiana is planned to be the BIGGEST CLASS EVER CONDUCTED IN THE REGION. 

“Makeup is one business where entry point is very easy. With mere investment of Rs 3 Lakh, one can start the business and the ROI can be achieved within 2-3 months”, Said Mr.Akashdeep Dang, Signature Artist & MD of Nehazz . This class along with 2 Makeup Looks will also include social Media marketing session which will help the students to establish their business and earn through their Art.

“The biggest day in a Woman’s life is her Wedding Day & every bride deserves to look like a Princess on her Day”, Said Divya Sharma, Signature artist and Marketing Director at Nehazz, who’s gonna be teaching the Brand’s signature look in the class. 

Makeup Aspirants & Celebrities from all over the country are gonna be a part of this class. Nehazz is giving a great opportunity for those in the Industry and those who fell in love with the Art of Makeup build their career in this ever growing industry.

Nehazz has the plans to establish at least 25 branches in Punjab during the year and expand all over India from the next fiscal.  Branch in Delhi is also in pipeline, says Mr. Rajan Dang, Director Business Development.