Illegal Rohingya infiltrators with food and water facility is deceit to Pakistani Hindu refugee who has Indian citizenship now, this is inhuman malice of Kejriwal government – Shyam Jaju

The Government of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi gave citizenship to the persecuted Hindu refugees to exploited, deprived and neglected Hindu refugess to provide their fundamental right. Despite of that, Delhi government is engaged in settling illegal Rohingyas intruders by giving them electricity, water and ration facility and leaving no stone unturned to destroy these Hindu refugees. BJP National Vice President and In charge of Delhi and Uttarakhand Shri Shyam Jaju has today accused the Kejriwal government and said that by doing this, the Kejriwal government is violating the human rights law as well as humanity is being embarrased in Delhi.

It is noteworthy that more than 1500 Hindu refugees who came from Pakistan got two yards of forest land under the Civil Amendment Act, but they do not have basic facility there to live life. For example, these families were living in the absence of basic facilities like electricity, water and toilets, etc. but the hope of getting basic amenities arose when they were legally granted the status of Indian citizen. In such a situation, being in charge of Delhi, Shri Shyam Jaju had brought the attention towards the condition of Hindu refugees living in Delhi six months before today, after that the Swayamsevak Sangh provided basic facilities there, but how long will they do it, even when these refugees got their Indian citizenship.

Shri Jaju said that now when they have got citizenship, what is the point of not giving them basic facilities by Delhi government? Kejriwal government is doing this only under the politics of appeasement because the political benefit of providing this facility will not benefit the Aam Aadmi Party likewise votes of minorities, so the Kejriwal government is providing these facilities to Bangladeshi and Rohingias who become synonymous of crime and terror in Delhi.

Shri Jaju said that Human Rights Commission has taken cognizance on the complain against this unconstitutional and inhumane act of Kejriwal government. They will get justice sooner or later, but this attitude of Kejriwal government is when poor people is dealing with Corona crisis and not getting ration provided by the Central goverment due to negligence of Kejriwal government. Instead, Kejriwal government is providing those ration to those who are enemies of the country and is trying to harass these poor people.