A group of young citizens come together to create a massive awareness campaign on Crime Against Women.

The status of Women in India, both historically and socially hasbeen one of the respect and reverence. The Constitution of India not onlygrants equality to Women but also empowers the State to adoptmeasures in favor of Women for neutralizing their conditions against discrimination faced by them.Inspite of all these safeguards, the women in our country continueto suffer, due to lack of awareness of their rights, illiteracy and oppressive practices and customs. It isnoted that the violence could be perpetrated by assailants of either gender, family members or even the State itself.

Crimes against women are of various types. It can be Rape, Domestic violence, feticide, dowry violence, acid attacks, honor killings, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, forced pregnancy, forced sterilization/ abortions, forced prostitution, human trafficking, genocidal rape, crimes relatingto women’s property and so on.

The resultant consequences are many viz. aconstant fall in the sex ratio, high infant mortality rate, low literacy rate, high dropout rate of girls from education, low wage rates etc.

To create a self-inflicted awareness and confidence not only in women but also amongst the youth of today, we are organizing a campaign titled ‘Nirbhaya – Women Without Fear’ starting from 10th December 2013 up to 16th December 2013. This campaign would involve a series of events as per following details.

10th December 2013 to 15th December 2013:

· Screening of the documentary titled ‘Holy Wife’ based on the Dasi Pratha in various colleges and universities including the Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University.
· Awareness events on women rights. Paper presentation.
· Discussions.
· Street plays.

16th December 2013
· Display of the 16 meters long painting made by 25 artists.
· Photo exhibit on issues related to women.
· Street plays.
· Poetry recitation.
· Display of 5 meters long painting at Munirka Bus Stand.
· Candle lighting at Munirka Bus Stand.

The final day of the event i.e. 16th December 2013, marks 1 year completion of the brutal act of gang rape happened with ‘NIRBHAYA’ in a running bus. The act shook the entire nation and brought everyone on a common platform, asking for justice and security to womanhood. But it seems like nothing has changed ever since that unfortunate day. The crime rate against women has increased many folds in all verticals.

Our campaign includes an exhibition on various faces of Violence against women that has happened since last year till present day. It also includes screening of various documentaries / short films touching some severe& burning issues involving women, seminars where prominent speakers will share their mind and endeavors for fighting against these crimes, street plays etc.

It is our appeal to all my dear friends and their friends, as an important part of society, please mark your presence in as many numbers as possible to make our campaign visible and our voices audible to all the deaf ears that still think and treat women as an object.

For queries contact: 0-9717063875 or 0-9899042707