‘Millets’ Fest and Teej Celebration atN.K. Bagrodia Public, Dwarka

India is at the forefront of popularizing millets, whose consumption furthers nutrition, food
security and welfare of the famers. Keeping the same thought alive, our school, N K Bagrodia
Public, Sector 4, Dwarka celebrated the Millets’ Fest on 19 th August 2023. The celebration was
kept in honor of acknowledging the government’s decision of declaring the year 2023 as
‘International Year of Millets’.

The event commenced with the lighting of the ceremonious lamp, accompanied by the prayer
to seek blessings from the almighty and paying homage to our founder Shri Nand Kishore
Bagrodia Ji. The dignitaries were welcomed with a beautiful welcome dance by our students
who gave a hearty welcome. The dignitaries for the event were our Chairperson, Mr Raghav
Bagrodia who has a dynamic personality, followed by our honorable Trustee Shri Dinesh
Kumar Gupta, along with his wife, a venerable personality, Ms Manju Gupta.

The event was graced by the presence of the school Director, Dr Mrs Rajee N Kumar who had
been a guide and a mentor to the Bagrodian fraternity. The school welcomed the principal of
N.K. Bagrodia Global School,Ms Jaishree Nawani as well to the celebrated Millets’ Fest. The
event continued to showcase the vitality of consuming Millets by a short skit “Shree Anna”
where the students showed the significance of incorporating the Millets in one’s diet. A
beautiful song on the account of the same was also sung by the students who dressed
themselves in beautiful attires of the places where the millets grow in our country. The program
concluded with a dance on the tunes of “Barso re Megha” where the students enjoyed dancing
and celebrating the Teej.

The highlight of the event was the varied food stalls that were being set up by the students.
The stalls prepared the dishes keeping the millets as their main ingredient.
The management relished the mouth-watering snacks prepared by the students and lauded
the layout of the stalls. Various games as well were set up where the students creatively and
innovatively used millets as the central idea.

Lastly, the Mehndi stall was the highlight for all the parents as the mothers were able to apply
henna on to their hands, marking the Teej’s importance. The students, who were a part of the
same, created beautiful designs on the hands of the parents.

Thus, the event concluded with complete fun and enjoyment for everyone, thereby lauding the
appreciable efforts of teachers and parents.