Problems and issues in Dwarka

The following MEMORANDUM is submitted to concerned Govt. agencies and offices for
taking corrective actions.

Shri B. L. Joshi, Lt. Governer
Smt. Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister
Shri Sajjan Kumar, MP, Outer Delhi
Shri Dharam Dev Solanki, MLA
Area Councilors
Dy. Commissioner ( S-W)
ACP, Dwarka
SHO, Dwarka


Dwarka, the largest sub-city in Asia which is meant to accommodate a population of more than 10 lacs, presently has 4 lacs+ people residing in it in more than 400 societies.
Dwarka is an upcoming sub-city, and despite being relatively densely populated, still has free-space available which is earmarked for several utilities and services, but not much has been materialized.
Unlike other parts of Delhi, Dwarka is more severely and adversely affected, owing primarily to concentrated population and partially developed infrastructure and thus has been left grappling with myriad of problems some of which are being summarized:

Water Problem
Residents have been shortage of water including contaminated water being supplied in the form of potable water.
Compounding the problem is the fact that supply is unevenly distributed across the various sectors of Dwarka.
Despite Dwarka being primarily a residential area the DDA has been charging commercial rates for the water being used by the residents.
Water table in Dwarka is going down at a fast pace as the residents are constrained to use boring water. Water harvesting system despite being implemented, is not utilized effectively because of un-awareness among the residents. It is suggested that Water harvesting campaign be launched extensively in the sub city with suitable subsidy to make the project popular.
The water mafia is thriving and raking in huge mulla by exploiting the huge mismatch between demand (10 MGD) & supply (3MGD) of potable water in Dwarka. We strongly request to extend SONIA VIHAR water supply from Mahipalpur to Dwarka, to fill this burgeoning gap.

C.G.H.S scam –
Innocent residents are being forced to suffer owing to the long-pending CGHS Society scam.
More than 100 societies have been adversely affected under this scam. The residents strongly demand that this be resolved at the earliest. Our website has been receiving lot of messages enquiring the present status of this issue which needs to be resolved expediently. Although all the societies are being screened under this, at least those which are undisputed societies, the allotment should be held immediately.

Requirement of Traffic Police
Due to increase in traffic density inside Dwarka, fatal road accidents are increasing day by day. Senior citizens, school children, ladies are the worst affected lot.
Traffic rules are blatantly violated – helmetless drivers, speeding call-center cabs, absence of speed breakers, teenage drivers, triple driving, driving at high-speed inside the crowded markets, wrong-side driving among others, are common across Dwarka. It is paramount that Traffic personnel along with interceptors be deployed at least at the major crossings on priority basis, particularly near schools to check speeding vehicles.
Although more than 150 personnel have been assigned to Dwarka subcity, but even at present less than 100 police personnel are active in Dwarka.
The number of police stations also needs to be increased on the same lines as is done for Rohini sub city.

Parking Space –
There is lack of adequate and safe parking space especially near the crowded markets. The traders have demanded many times to provide multi level parking, but their requests have repeatedly fallen on deaf ears. The trends show that the thefts of the vehicles is on the rise – the lack of safe and adequate parking space is also a contributory factor to this, because the residents are left with no choice but to leave their vehicles parked in a haphazardly manner wherever space is available.

Medical facilities –
At present there are more than 4 lakhs+ people residing in Dwarka but there is not even a single operational dispensary / Govt. hospital / trauma center to cater to their needs. The govt. needs to take up this issue in right earnest and priority basis.
The private hospitals are mushrooming across Dwarka and fleece the gullible Dwarkites even for administering basic vaccines which otherwise are free in the govt hospitals and dispensaries
Requirement of public transport within Dwarka –
The commuting transport services for intra-Dwarka are missing or very few resulting in over-crowded RTVs which are dangerous especially to the children, senior citizens and ladies. Although metro has provided some reprieve but the unscrupulous rikshawallas fleece the naïve commuters even for taking them a few kms from the metro station to their destinations

7) Security Services —
There are many private security services working in Dwarka. Today almost all the societies of Dwarka are availing the services of these private security agencies. But there is no process of having them properly screened, resulting in thefts of vehicles and car–stereos even in their presence. The screening and training of security guards should be made mandatory.

8) Setting up of Old Age Home —
A large strata of Dwarkakites comprise of retired govt. servants, retired defence personnel and other senior citizens. It would be diligent on the part of the authorities, to provide Asia’s largest sub-city with at least one free/ economical Old Age Home aiming at providing shelter to those in lower income group citizen who disparately need shelters.

9) Need for Reference Library —
To be able to maintain high literacy level of Dwarka as a sub city, a library must be provided to the literate intellectuals ranging from experienced teachers, journalists, bureaucrats, technocrats and other professionals residing in Dwarka.
This will also help in imbibe the reading habit among the children who otherwise are glued to the idiot box.
The membership can be open for the residents at a nominal rate, with the residents being encouraged to donate books to start with

10) Need for Public Convenience/ Public Toilets —
Public conveniences/toilets are missing in Dwarka and need to be setup at least near the bus stops/markets

11) BHAGIDARI in letter and spirit (Authorities – Public interaction) —
On the lines of Police – Public interaction meetings, meetings with various authorities like DDA, MCD, Jal Board, BSES, and Healthcare etc. should also be conducted regularly. This can go a long way in effectively addressing the persistent problems.

12) Utilization of Solar Energy —
Due to the burgeoning population Dwarka is already facing acute shortage of electricity. Solar cells can be installed across more than 400 societies which can go a long way in addressing this issue.
Also signals activated by solar energy can be installed at least on the major, if not all, traffic intersections as has been done even in NOIDA, atta chowk

Man Holes–
There are many main holes, some of them right in the middle of major
and arterial roads across Dwarka. These are left open resulting in fatal accidents.
These are too deep even for the adults to come out of by themselves. What is
worse, these man holes do not have any stairs in them etc. Still these are left
open – it seems the authorities have decided not to learn from the past mistakes 14) Miscellaneous —
Public transport is pathetic to various sectors within Dwarka
Electricity supply is very erratic
Electricity bills have doubled since the last two years because of 35% theft of electricity
Allotment of proper places of worship for religions which are still left with the allotments.
To develop dedicated hawker places near residential colonies of Dwarka
Proper maintenance of parks and plantation of more trees with support of
Regular trimming of shrubs & bushes alongside roads, societies, parks and dividers at the traffic intersections
Lack of entertainment facilities and malls
Check the stray cattle and dog menace
We have been representing the above hardships of the residents to various authorities from time to time but no tangible results.

We therefore, urge you to kindly look into the above problems favourably on priority basis.
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